Personalize your hearing experience

If you own a ReSound Smart Hearing aid, the ReSound Smart™ app will enable you to discreetly fine-tune your hearing aids to your unique taste. The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and selected Android devices.

ReSound Smart app

The ReSound Smart app is available for free download from the iTunes App StoreSM for iOS devices and Google Play™ for Android mobile devices.



Discreet control of volume

Adjust volume, treble and bass on the go.


Change program on the go

Create favorite programs and have your hearing aids switch to them in particular places – or activate them yourself wherever you are.


Easy-to-learn tips and tricks

Look up information about your hearing aid such as what each ‘beep’ means.


Find mislaid hearing aids

If you misplace your hearing aids, you can quickly track them down with the ReSound Smart app’s ‘Finder’ function.


Balance your sounds

When you are streaming audio from your TV, music system or computer, you have separate volume controls for the audio and your surroundings.


Save your favorite settings

You can save your favorite program settings in ‘Favorites’ so you can activate them when you want, and show them to your hearing care professional next time you meet.

Enhance listening comfort on the fly

For ReSound LiNX2 9 wearers: you can further enhance your listening comfort with Sound Enhancer.


Comfort in noise

Reduce noise levels in loud environments so listening is more comfortable and speech easier to understand.


Comfort in noise

Reduce noise levels in loud environments so listening is more comfortable and speech easier to understand.


Comfort in noise

Reduce noise levels in loud environments so listening is more comfortable and speech easier to understand.

Personalize your hearing experience

See what the ReSound Smart™ app can do

Built-in tinnitus management

For all ReSound LiNX2 wearers: if you suffer from tinnitus, you can use the Tinnitus manager to adjust your built-in tinnitus therapy sounds. Or choose a Nature Sound to find the best relief from ringing in your ears.


Tinnitus manager pitch adjustment

Find the pitch of the tone that brings most effective relief from tinnitus.


Tinnitus manager modulation adjustment

Adjust the sound generator’s modulation setting for the most comfortable distraction from tinnitus.


Nature sounds

Try out the six pre-installed nature-inspired sounds to find out which one works best.

Devices needed to use the app

You can use the ReSound Smart app with any of the following ReSound Smart hearing aids.
ReSound LiNX2
ReSound LiNX™
ReSound LiNX TS™
ReSound ENZO™
ReSound Up Smart™
The app is available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7 or later and selected Android mobile phones.
Apple Device compatibility:
iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 5c, iPhone® 5, iPad Air® 2, iPad Air®, iPad® (4th generation), iPad® mini 3, iPad® mini 2, iPad® mini with Retina display, iPad® mini and iPod® touch (5th generation). The app is optimized for iPhone 5. iOS 7 or later is required. For iPhone® 6 Plus and iPhone® 6 we strongly recommend iOS 8.1 or later. The app supports Apple Watch™.
Android Device compatibility:
· Samsung Galaxy® S6
· Samsung Galaxy® S6 Edge
· Samsung Galaxy® S5
· Samsung Galaxy® S4
· Samsung Galaxy® Note 4
Please make sure your Android mobile device is running the recommended Android OS version - minimum ver. 5.0 Lollipop.
The app is also compatible with sub variations of the main models such as Samsung Galaxy® S5 mini, Samsung Galaxy® S5 Plus, Samsung Galaxy® S6 Plus.
For detailed Android device compatibility, please see the description for the ReSound Smart app at Google Play.
For information about specific Android models that work with the ReSound Smart app or other support, please visit the support page.

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